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Searching for AGN in Deep HST Fields

Vicki Sarajedini (University of Florida)

Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) are identified in deep HST surveys via a number of selection techniques and wavelengths. In this talk, I compare the samples of AGN selected via optical variability and spectroscopy to those identified via X-rays and mid-IR indicators in HST survey fields. Using the high-resolution of HST, we isolate the variable nuclear region to identify intrinsically faint, low-luminosity AGN within their host galaxies. We find that between 4 and 8% of galaxies in deep HST fields host varying nuclei, many of which overlap with X-ray and mid-IR selected sources. Recent results from the GOODS-South field reveal that 64% of X-ray and mid-IR selected AGN are optical variables. We investigate the nature of the identified AGN and the role of obscuration among the various selection techniques.