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Projected 3pt Correlation Function in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Cameron McBride (Pitt)

Large scale redshift surveys, such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), have brought about a new era in accuracy for understanding large scale structure. The wealth of data in these surveys poses interesting challenges; new statistical methods and efficient means of computation are required to mine their scientific content. We use the projected three point correlation function (3PCF), a complement to recent bispectrum and redshift-space analyses, to study the non-Gaussianity of the galaxy distribution and non-spherical nature of large scale structure. The higher order information contained in the 3PCF allows both the linear and quadratic bias terms to be constrained to better address whether galaxies are unbiased tracers of mass. In this talk, I will highlight recent advances in the 3PCF determination and its application to the SDSS main galaxy sample.